Wood door craftsman

Ah Choy started making doors when he was just 17 years old and having now passed the other side of fifty there's a lot of experience in those hands of his and it shows.

A test hang of the door and some quick measurements reveal some anomalies, which are soon sorted out by the sharp chisel wielded by Ah Choy.

It slices through the grains of our wooden french doors like a hot knife slides through butter and when he quickly and surely eyes up the level and gaps between the floor and the ceiling, both vertically and horizontally, you can see this is a man who knows his business.

Ah Choy is usually supported by his 71 year old father-in-law Ah Fatt and together they make and install the doors we open and close every day, and they make them very, very, well.

He must like doing it as he is now the other side of fifty and he is still making doors for the people in Seremban.

If you want great doors made well and installed almost perfectly give him a call 019 620 2001. It's a guarantee you won't be disappointed with his work.


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