Watoto choir concert in Seremban

If you love listening and watching gorgeous, energetic, song and dance, as well as helping others in need, then you had better keep this Saturday night free because the Wesley Methodist church in Seremban is hosting the very popular Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda.

The choir, made-up of 18 orphans, share their songs of hope and inspiration wearing colourful costumes and dancing in their active and unique style.

Watoto is a holistic care programme established in 1992 to rescue orphaned and vulnerable children as well as women in Africa. The children on this tour are the 81st group to be sent out to perform since the choir was formed in 1994.

Nearly 4,000 children have come through the Watoto model, which provides physical care, medical intervention, education, as well as moral and spiritual discipleship.

The children will practise for six months before travelling the globe to perform for another six months, with the experience of travelling and performing in foreign countries benefiting the children academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

It also is a chance for some of the children who require experienced medical attention to be cared for.

On this tour one of the children on the team, Rogers, was operated on to correct abnormally large tonsils which made breathing and sleeping, difficult for him. He now sleeps peacefully through the night.

“In the last six months, these children have travelled to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to bring the message of hope and love,” said Herbert, one of the adult singers accompanying the choir.

So on Saturday night, the 8th April, at 8pm, get down to the Wesley Methodist Church in Seremban for the colourful performances in their latest musical production "Oh, what love" which presents a message of Love and Hope for the new Africa as they seek to Rescue, Recover and Rebuild the nation through its orphans.

The show will also include stories from the children so be prepared to be taken on an emotional journey from despair to celebration.

There is no cost for the concert so take the family and experience the moments these children are offering. Call 067674323 for more details.


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