I want to go home

There are some really special kind and giving people living in Seremban and some of them seem to be a bit shy to come forwards, preferring their good deeds remain anonymous.

But anybody driving around Seremban 2 over the last week could not have helped but notice the professionally printed posters hung on poles at just about every corner with a very sad looking Border Collie peering out from the frame.

"WE FOUND THIS DOG!" it reads, with a phone contact below that will put you through to the pharmacy where at least one of the creators of the poster works.

I mention when I call for details that it must have been expensive to do all the posters but was brushed aside by the lady saying that it is someones pet so they want to re-connect the dog with its owners.

It really is a true display of selflessness and kindness.

If anyone knows who owns the dog please call 012 630 1963


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