Adrians Asian Spaghetti

Food truck entrepreneur Adrian Sujiv has begun a new adventure, setting up a food stall at the popular One Eleven restaurant in Lobak.

Like all entrepreneurs Adrian loves a challenge, so when heavy evening rains in the evening curtailed the flow of customers to his popular food truck over the last month he decide to expand his sphere.

“The rain forced me to fast track expansion plans so I took the opportunity to come here as it offers a lot of variety,” he said.

“There is a lot of people coming here at night for dinner so I open my stall from 4pm to 1 am.”

Situated at stall number 23 at One Eleven food court you can’t miss Adrian’s new enterprise, called Asian Spaghetti, as the main cook is 20 year-old Shakeel who stands at over six feet plus and sports a smile just as wide.

Shakeel has been working with Adrian for a while now and is adept at cooking al dente spaghetti alongside Adrians’ family devil curry recipe which has proved very popular.

The new Asian Spaghetti stall offers chicken, pork and lamb varieties of his tasty spaghetti and kebab dishes with the chicken dishes offering 5 sauces and the pork and lamb, one only.

The One Eleven food court in Lobak is open every day except Wednesday and is licensed.


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