Learn to swim

It's always a good time to teach your children to swim as Malaysian children are notoriously adventurous and not scared to play on the edge of rivers and waterways not realising that one mistake can prove very costly.

Seremban 2 public pool has Learn to Swim classes for children and adults which is operated by the Turtle Swimming Academy (TSA), who also offer their services in pools at Kajang, Putra Jaya and Shah Alam.

TSA's performance coach at Seremban 2, Muzammil Hamizan, has seen a surge in the participation of children over the last year and trains over 150 students a month.

"We have children who train each night in our competitive classes but we (TSA) also teach school children and subsidise special needs schoolchildren from various schools in Negeri Sembilan," he said.

"Mostly the school children learn basic techniques according to their different levels and abilities but we also teach the serious swimmers diet and exercise to improve their abilities."

One of the serious competitors is 10 year-old Hoo Ming Zhe who recently won the best overall champion for Negeri Sembilan Under 12's division.

The club has camps for the kids where they learn about good healthy lifestyle choices and are shown performance videos of what it takes to be the best.

Classes for children are from 5-6pm Tuesday to Sunday and there are classes on Saturday and Sunday from 8am-9am.

If you want to know more contact their Facebook page Turtle Swimming Academy or Muzammil on 013 586 3935.

It could just save a child's life.


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