Seeing the unseen

Kevin Lim lives and breathes photography of all genres but flourishes in the niche called street photography, which is not an easy thing to do.

Generally, street photography involves taking candid pictures of strangers going about their life, sometimes captured on camera without their knowledge but the results can often be messy, or confusing to the viewers eyes - Kevin Lim, and his photographs, do not fall into that category.

The Seremban photographer is well-known in the Malaysian street photographic community for his stunning, visceral black and white and colour images that seemingly challenge your eyes to look away but somehow you can’t, because these are the sort of pictures that speak to you, hold your gaze, demand some sort of response and often evoke a verbal exclamation, usually a “wow”.

There is something about Kevin’s photographs.

“It is a passion for me, and something I have been doing since my dad gave me my first camera,” he said.

Now, with more than 40 years experience under his belt, taking pictures in the days of black and white film to utilising the latest technology on digital cameras, Kevin has been chosen, with others, to exhibit and share some of his accumulated knowledge at the Interpretasi Hitam Putih Jalanan hosted at Galeri Seni, Matic in Kuala Lumpur, which runs from the 7th -26th March.

Kevin, who is looking forward to the event, will be involved in a forum based session on the 18th March at 2pm with other renowned photographers, including Sam Bara, Khairil Majid and Zafwan, who will also impart valuable insights into this growing art-form.

“I am really humbled and honoured to be invited (by Street 2 Street) and I thank them for their kindness in including me in this event, I am truly obliged to be amongst giants,” Kevin said.

The forum will be a goldmine for photographers wishing to learn some techniques and tips on this increasingly popular style of photography from masters of the craft - plus the opportunity to see quality hand printed images on display will also be inspiring and is a chance not to be missed.

Kevin is looking forward to participating at the event and meeting people face-to-face which will be a change from the online administration work he does on several high-quality street photography Face Book websites and a break from his work of a management capacity in the medical field.

“I love being able to positively reinforce members from all-over the world through Face Book but I am really looking forward to this open forum atmosphere,” he said.

More of Kevin's street photography in Seremban

So don’t hesitate photographers of all levels, because you’re never too old or too young to learn, and the knowledge passed on by masters of this genre will be invaluable, so get along and learn how to make your photographs sing.

Kevin's KL street photography


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