Come together for prayer

Hundreds attended a candlelight vigil in Seremban last night to pray for the welfare of the still missing pastor Raymond Koh who was abducted from his car by a group of men in Petaling Jaya last month.

Organised by Lutheran pastor Sivin Kit from STM, George Harrison from the Catholic Church of the Visitation and Ronald Yap from the Methodist church, the night was a call for people from all faiths to come together and pray for Pastor Koh and his family.

People from all-faiths were represented with Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims joining the myriad christian faiths on the night, all writing messages and prayers on sheets of paper laid down around the Dataran Seremban which will be given to the family.

After speeches by leaders of the faiths, the crowd was asked to mingle and pray together with people they perhaps had not met before to encourage tolerance and increase good will between each other.

Young and old were represented too with many parents bringing their children along to experience this inter-faith connection undertaken to help seek answers for last months abduction.

Police arrested a man early on Thursday morning in regards the abduction which saw at least 15 men in 3 black SUV's kidnap Pastor Koh.The man is is currently undergoing questioning.


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