Nature camps for students

There are less than twenty spots available for Hardy Amir Chin's next Nature Camp in March, where the students of today can learn about how to become the scientists for tomorrow.

More than 50 children from Melaka and Port Dickson attended the 3 day camp at Ulu Bendul Recreation reserve which was sponsored by the Malaysian nature society (MNS).

Students learned practical scientific techniques like keeping a journal, identifying invertebrates and doing a behaviour watch on aquatic insects which was recorded then analysed afterwards.

Hardy hopes that the camps will encourage young Malaysians to understand and attend to pressing issues in the natural environments of Malaysia that need addressing before endangered species are lost forever. The camps are designed to educate and inform not just young students who want to become scientists, but the public as well.

Students at this camp designed a campaign that they relayed to members of the public at Ulu Bendul as part of informing what is required to have a safe camping experience, and importantly, to leave the camp clean when leaving.

This included small details like taking your rubbish with you and not leave it behind as it attracts vermin like rats which destroy the micro-environments some of the insects and animals live in.

So if you want to learn more about science in action and the workshops in March, contact Hardy at


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