BMX pumptrack in N9

Two years ago the Negeri Sembilan Sonic KEDSX bike club had just three members.

They would race each other on a tight jungle track close to their Kuala Pilah home, jumping over cut down coconut palm trunks as obstacles, desperately wanting to win and be number one for the day.

Today, the club boasts more than 30 members who have converted that wiggly jungle track into a two-person training and competition ground that is attracting members to the kampung sport that kids are loving.

"Everyone came to help dig and move the dirt into position," said President of the club Muhammad Fakhri Bin Johar, as he launches one of the youngest club members, his five-year-old son, over one of the many humps and jumps on the course.

"It is becoming a very popular sport in Malaysia now and the kids really enjoy it," he said

The club has both young male and female riders, some of who competed and placed in the top four recently at a C1 International event in Thailand, but the star of the club so far is undoubtedbly its eldest member, Najib Yunus.

Ranked #1 in Malaysia in the Masters Division (Over 40's), Najib is a smooth rider and is a motivating factor for all the children, whizzing round the track at high speed and jumping over and around the steep banks of dirt, without fear or favour.

"I started late, Najib said, but I like the competition very much and it is good to be with all the young kids, I'm an old school rider but now I like this form of racing."

The formation of the club and building of the track are both "firsts" for Negeri Sembilan and helps ensure the members are fit and ready for competition, " says NS state coach Mohd Saiful Azwan.

Saiful has two sons and one daughter competing at the highest level, taking podiums in the C1 event in Thailand last year with another two-year old daughter waiting in the wings, already learning the riding techniques.

Saiful's job is to identify the talent and set training programs and schedules for the racers, most of who have already competed successfully at their Kuala Pilah track which saw competitors coming from as far away as Sabah and Singapore at least four times during 2016.

"The sport is definitely growing here and the next race is in February at a new track being made in Sendayan," he said.

The track at Sendayan will be wider and longer than Sonic KEDSX's track and allows six competitors per race as opposed to two man races but Saiful is not concerned.

"They all have fun and do their best which is what we want them to do," he says.

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