Aikido training in Seremban

Seremban's Joe Thambu returned "home" recently, to visit his mum and his beloved uncle in the family compound near Temiang.

"It's great to be back here,'he said, casting an eye over the semi-rural property he grew up in and learned aikido, that is ruled by four strutting geese and a peacock.

Joe is an eighth dan in aikido and is now considered one of the best teachers of the martial art that was bought to Malaysia by his uncle Thamby Rajah sensei, who is widely known as the "father of aikido" in the country.

Joe began his aikido training aged 11, under the tutelage of his uncle who had travelled to Japan soon after the second world war ended to learn various martial arts and was particularly enamoured by aikido and its simple nature.

On his return Thamby Rajah built a dojo in the family compound which has taught students, both young and old for over 60 years. The dojo is currently undergoing a transformation and will be offering extra classes to both children and adults at a variety of levels.

Joe Thambu travels the world from his Australian home-base, being instrumental in the development and teaching of Aikido Shudokan to the growing markets in Europe, Russia, the United States and even Iran.

Joe took the time last weekend to hold a seminar at his uncles dojo attracting participants from all round Malaysia, such is his popularity and abilities. He will also spend two days teaching in Singapore before returning to Australia.

If you would like to learn about the martial art of Aikido, the way of harmonising the energy of the universe, which is first and foremost a martial art, but offers substantially more than that, you can contact them via their Facebook page called The Shudokan or contact by email here.

As Joe Thambu says "Aikido can be a path of personal discovery and character improvement. The path on which you have taken the first steps is different for each person but if you train hard you will see improvements in many areas of your life. Some of the benefits include increased physical fitness, improved self-confidence and a greater awareness of yourself and your boundaries as well as those of people around you."

Who doesn't want that?


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