Lam's secret recipe for life

It’s not often you get another chance in life after having a stroke, less so after experiencing another two years later - 66 year old Lam Sang was lucky, and very, very, thankful.

After the two close calls Lam Sang was determined to improve his own health after doctors gave him little or no hope following his second stroke in 2005.

“They said I must take the pills from now on to stay alive,” he said.

He was having none of that, and then he remembered something.

“My mother told me of a book that her father had given to my father as a wedding gift to the family before they left China for Malaysia,” he said.

The book contained recipes of secret Chinese remedial herbal treatments that were more than 150 years old so Lam searched high and low, finally digging out the hidden recipe book.

“ I took it to a specialist herbalist who advised me to study it thoroughly, which I did. After reading it I believed if your blood is not clean, then that is the cause of most illnesses," he said.”

One of the herbal formula's within was a complete cleansing of the blood, forcing toxins out by bathing, sometimes three times a week for an hour or more, in a boiled up concoction of 7 different leaves.

Lam could only find six of the leaves in Malaysia as the seventh was endemic to Guangzhou in China, so he was forced to import the vital ingredient before self-treating himself to a healthy recovery.

Today Lam shuffles around the clinic treating a steady, growing stream of patients coming through his door from all parts of Malaysia and Indonesia to take the treatment he offers. Most of them have heard about it via “word of mouth” after been given negative diagnoses from the hospitals.

His daughter Isabelle and other family members help him out, gathering the Malaysian leaves from around the country, boiling the concoctions, cleaning the four deep baths at the clinic, travelling three times a year to Guangzhou to collect the endemic leaf and of course, doing the books.

Isabelle attends regularly so she can watch and learn from her father as she feels she will carry on the business when he can no longer cope with the growth and increasing popularity of the treatment.

“It is very well-known now. We had a very wealthy business man from Indonesia come for a month to treat his gout,” she said whilst showing me the formula in the secret recipe book.

“He loved it so much that he now sponsors other patients that we advise him of, who cannot afford the treatment,” she said.

Lam has approval by the authorities to practise and now, three years later, he can visually diagnose very quickly many incoming patients' ailments just by their skin colouration.

“We had some men from some Chinese Universities come to assess my treatments and they told us it was a lost treatment and before our book was found, an unknown method, even in China,” he said.

Patient #1 Ghandi Devi.

Sixty-seven year old Ghandi Devi is a regular at Lam’s clinic.

Her son Krish drives from Nilai to ensure her treatment is constant-she has diabetes and some of her toes were amputated at a hospital after complications.

Krish is effusive in his gratitude toward Lam and happy to see his mum’s overall health and progress markedly improve after more than 40 visits to his clinic.

“He has saved her other toes and her foot. There are still big holes in her foot but the flesh is growing back - it takes time,” he said.

Ghandi lost all her appetite and could not eat or drink as she vomited immediately after taking food or water-she now has a healthy appetite and is smiling again.

“When uncle says my mum’s foot is 100% cured, only then will we stop coming to bathe and cleanse the wound-we believe in him.”

Pusat Rawatan Herba Lam Sang can be found at Jalan Tuanku Antah, Seremban next to Maybank (see pic below)

Call on 016 311 7959 to make an appointment.


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