Bhim from Nepal

Bhim comes from a small village in Nepal called Sindhuli Kopilakot, which is just a few hours drive from Kathmandu-he is 35 years-old.

Bhim is one of more than 2.1 million registered immigrants residing in Malaysia and for the past ten years he has lived and worked in Seremban as a security guard.

For most of those ten years, Bhim has pushed his bike past our home every single evening of the week for his night shift duty. He turns the corner at our house and heads further up the hill towards a very wealthy man's home. There he will watch over till early morning.

"I like Malaysia," he says in broken English, "It is normal," he laughs.

Bhim is referring to the weather, not the lifestyle.

"In Nepal rain heavy for three months, then no rain for three months, something like that. In Malaysia, rain a bit, then a little, then none, then some, and it's not cold!" he says, still with that ever present smile from ear to ear.

Bhim has returned only once to his Nepal home over the past ten years to visit his wife and their three boys, who all attend school thanks to the money Bhim provides, every month, without fail, from Malaysia.

Bhim lives alone in an upstairs apartment no more than 200 metres from where he works, above a busy Chinese enterprise.

He keeps it meticulously clean, cooks for himself and does all the chores after his12 hour shift every day.

"Is hard," he understates with that Nepalese smile, "but what to do," no work in my village. No work is no money, no money is no school, no money is no land, no land is no house," he says, still smiling.

I first met Bhim near the highway where he was picking flowers for his worship ritual and offered the continually blooming bougainvillea's from our garden as a safer option, to which he wiggled his head, smiled, and said "thank you boss."

He can only communicate by texting to a friend in the village who conveys the message to his family, as they do not have clear internet. Bhim thinks his passport visa goes till 2025 but at this stage is unsure if he will extend the visa, as he dearly misses his family.

"But what to do? "


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