Love your forests

There was fun and games along with educational activities at the Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) research centre at Simpang Pertang today.

Visitors at the Open Day were able to try and identify animals in photographs taken by the many camera traps spread around the forest as well as measure trees dimensions and see the seed traps all the flora that falls in the forest area.

Deputy general of FRIM research Dr Ismail Harun welcomed guests and told them about the centre which was one of the oldest in the world, providing accurate research and vital data for management of forests.

Encik Salim Aman, Director of Negeri Sembilan Forestry department spoke about the need to foster an environmentally conscious attitude and appreciate the beauty of nature through community programs.

The forest is home to a 52-metre high canopy walkway that has temperature recording and measuring devices at different levels as well as for visitors to view the forest and life within it from up high.If you want to climb it you must book ahead by calling to see if a research is available to guide you.

For any further enquiries on Pasoh FRIM Research Station, contact Dr Christine Fletcher Coordinator, Pasoh FRIM Research Station, Forest Research Institute Malaysia 52109, Kepong, Selangor.

Tel no. : +603 6279 7177

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