From banks to booty burgers

It was a brave move for Adrian Sujiv and one that at the time his dad wasn't too happy about, after all, who leaves a well-paid job to follow their dream?

Twenty-six year old Seremban entrepreneur Adrian did and he is not looking back.

"I always wanted to work in the food sector and after watching the movie "Chef" I knew I could do it," he said.

Working in the anti-laundering section of banks and financial institutions just wasn't cutting it for Adrian so he saved scrupulously over a couple of years to reach his budget, then purchase his dream - a food truck.

"I wanted to open up in KL but I wasn't offered a very good site so I thought, I can do this In Seremban."

Adrian's was the first food truck to operate and be registered in Seremban, starting off in March, 2016 and you could say the venture has very much a family affair.

Adrian's mum Rosemarie and his auntie both contributed some "secret" recipes to Adrian and his dad Arokier is there almost every night helping out with the ordering and sales, with sister Audrey sometimes on hand.

"I wouldn't be able to it without them," says Adrian.

The food is a fusion of Malay, Indian and Sri Lankan cooking with some customers even driving from Kuala Lumpur to sample delights like his "Devils curry" Sausage-Me which is his term for a hotdog, or sampling the popular Booty Burger.

Semi-regular customer Raj phoned through on his drive home to order his favourite Rendang spaghetti to bungkus (takeaway) and another table had a family of four who also eat there once a week and come from the other side of town.

Adrian's working week is Monday to Saturday night from 7.30pm onwards and the reggae clad chef can be found near the Pappa Rich shop at Uptown in Seremban2.

Adrian offers themed music nights as a neat experience with Men on Mondays, Couples on Tuesdays, Ladies on Wednesdays, Reggae on Thursdays, and the food?

Well, you should try him out.

The food is great, is freshly cooked daily and is something you won't taste elsewhere in Seremban or KL for that matter. I'm heading back for another Devils Curry as soon as the tingling in my lips calm down and just may try his Rendang Kebab, or as he calls it, Rendang Kebang because it too packs a punch.


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