Smiles in Sendayan

There were more grinners than winners at the Matrix Titan Challenge today at Bandar Sri Sendayan as more than 1000 participants took on the task of completing Malaysia's largest inflatable obstacle course.

The brightly coloured red, yellow, and blue obstacles may have looked like larger than normal kid's play castles, but the action for some was serious, as the first 20 men and women took home cash prizes and gifts.

From the side-line it looked like fun, with a few minor crashes and falls here and there, but add on trying to balance yourself as you run atop four foot high slippery balls after 2km plus of running, core strength and balance were the necessary skills to finish the course.

"It was great," said Hazirah who with her friend almost lost her balance exiting the fourth obstacle but recovered to do a victory leap after exiting.

Some of the proceeds from the event will be given to charity which will also put a smile on other people's faces.

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