Tebat Sanctuary retreat

This photo pretty much describes the vibe at Tebat Sanctuary, an accommodation complex located just out of Kuala Klawang in Negeri Sembilan.

Cool, green and quiet would suffice as a description but a better one would be as they say around here -lepak -which translates in English to, "lounging around."

It is the archetype place where you can lay back and just relax, listen to the jungle, kampung style.

Tebat Sanctuary offers open air village style accomodation featuring a roll out mattress style of bedding, imitating the sleepovers that families do when they return home during Hari Raya celebrations and the like.

Perfect for large groups like 4WD or abseilers and caving clubs who are needing an overnight stay as there are separate dormitories for men and women plus two houses with more Western style fittings on offer.

A communal kitchen and living area is surrounded by a moat and a small pool with fresh water directed from a nearby river for guests to cool off. Above the kitchen is the "penthouse" of the sanctuary with a wonderful big living space and master bedroom on offer.

Most visitors will take the twenty minute walk upstream to a small waterfall and series of natural pools which are surrounded by rainforest and fruit trees which you can freely pick and taste.


Contact Zulfudly on 01131405496, email at tebatsanctuary@gmail.com or Tebat Sanctuary on Facebook for pricing and bookings.


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