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Azliny from ATOA Adventures at Felda Pasoh 4 in Negeri Sembilan loves putting together thrilling jungle adventure packages for clients who love a challenge.

The KLIA air traffic controllers Sports and Recreation club wanted an adventurous weekend at the popular Felda Pasoh 4 caving site and were excited about the challenge that Azliny had put together. To say they got what they wanted and then some is a bit of an understatement.

The plan included a day of caving, learning some archery skills, visit an "orang asli" village to donate foodstuffs and supplies, then do some hiking to watch the sunset over the Negeri Sembilan mountain ranges before settling into accomodation and a succulent barbecue lamb dinner.

All this in itself was adventurous, caving in this area is an awesome experience as some of the caves have been excavated and shown signs of human life almost 14,000 years old so who knows what you might find and of course you never know what kind of surprise nature has in store.

Some caves are easy to explore and others more difficult and by 3pm most of the KLIA team of men and women were becoming both physically and mentally tired after crawling, twisting and climbing their way up and down some of the cliffs and caves in the area. No-one had baulked at any of the caves visited that tested their strength and flexibility as well as their mental capabilities, as they clambered into dark and sometimes confined spaces.

When it was time to visit the orang asli village, (Orang asli are the aboriginals or original peoples of Malaysia),

everyone bundled into 4WD's and headed through the tight jungle tracks to the village, arriving just as the skies opened up and let loose major buckets of rain. Under the corrugated iron roof of the village meeting house the donations were handed over to the headmen of the village in thanks as the group were crossing and using their lands.

A break in the rain allowed everyone to run to the cars without getting soaked but it soon became apparent that getting back to our base at Felda Pasoh 4 was a priority and was not going to be easy.

Just like the outback roads in Australia a little bit of rain makes it tricky to stay on track and with darkness descending it was looking as though we were going to be very late for our barbecued lamb dinner.

And just when you thought things couldn't get more challenging there was more heavy rain and the convoy came to a halt as one of the trucks lost it's 4WD capability in the front wheels, slid half off the road and was blocking the road.

For the next two hours or so the experienced KLIA team, who are used to working under extreme circumstances, along with Azliny's team "did the math," worked out a solution in the dark, under heavy torrential rain and safely got all the vehicles home.

"I really proud of them," said one of the KLIA senior members.

"People always say difficult situations will show the true colour of people and I'm glad with the way they handled it. Azliny and her team were also superb by remaining calm by controlling and handling it."

Another said, "It was great, everybody looked happy and enjoyed themselves. Stuck in the mud was one of the things that we talk about. We smile for every moment we had," he said.

If yopu would like a great experience in the jungle Azliny can be contacted by phone on 01118845936 or on her FB page,

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