Lighthouse makes waves

It was handphones down and antennae up at Cape Rachado lighthouse last weekend when students from the local Port Dickson Polytechnic learnt a new method of communication - amateur radio.

Negeri Sembilan Amateur Radio Club (NESRAC) organised the three days of activities whereby club members participated in their 8th International Lighthouse and Lightship weekends where they talk to people via radio at other lighthouses around the world.

Club members were on hand to show the students the alternative way of communication and involved them in the set up, delivery and reception of radio calls from all around the world on the clubs call-sign 9M4LHN.

The antennae was built on location and placed in position on Friday night and immediately the students grouped around the radio to listen to calls coming from Indonesia and Japan early in the evening.

NESRAC participates in the event which sees radio club members all around the world setting up their equipment at over 500 lighthouses in more than 40 countries.

It is one of the most popular international amateur radio events and allows people from remote areas to talk to people from a different way of life.


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