Double celebrations

If you haven't noticed yet there are plenty of Malaysian and State flags flying on posts, fences, buildings and cars around Seremban and Negeri Sembilan, all in anticipation of Malaysia Merdeka day celebrations this weekend.

It is a kind of flag overload at some places - the road from Seremban to Port Dickson has flags standing every 5 metres or so along the centre for 20 km and is a real sight to see.

Malaysians, like all countries, love the national day and openly celebrate with flags and ceremonies

The official activities in Seremban begin on Tuesday night around 8.45 pm at the town centre with buskers and food-stalls entertaining the many people expected to attend before a flag raising ceremony, national anthem and then of course, fire works after midnight will finish the night off.

The next day, Wednesday, will see the major event happening, with marching parades at the same venue before all the dignitaries and officials.

So, get out, wave the flag... Malaysia boleh.


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