Selamat puasa

One of the highlights during the holy month of Ramadhan is breaking fast at the end of each day and for many working Malays that means visiting the bazaar on the way home from work.

You will see them all over Malaysia in large carparks and the streets offering food, glorious food, and drinks. For an Aussie equivalent it's like Eumundi markets every day for a month.

Just about every dish on the national menu can be purchased, thrown in some plastic, and "bungkus-ed", that is, taken home, or taken away if you like.

Satay, noodles,soup,roti,curries,fresh sugar cane juice, watermelon, mango lassi, barbecued fish,chicken and beef rendang, chicken rice, the list is endless, the desire to try it all, unrelenting!

One way to try it all is to buy a meal from the first counter and the next evening go to the stall beside it.


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