Arabian nights tells the tales

June 7, 2016


  The University of Nottingham campus in Malaysia came to Seremban on Saturday night, to tell us some of the folktales from the Middle East and South Asia.


The Stories of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves and Sinbad the Sailor were the tales most well-known to the audience but have you heard about The Story of How Da Feng Broke Wind or The Story of the Wife Who Wouldn't Eat?


Not many have, but after Arabian Nights,the third major annual production by the students and staff from the University last night, the tales may just become more popular.


The University collaboration with several of their student associations and ensembles, "offer a slightly different perspective on the familiar as well as an exciting presentation of things that are new," and aims to "bring us all closer by helping to understand our differences and celebrate our common humanity." 


With an orchestra and choir adding to the atmosphere, the University welcomed colleagues from their campuses of Nottingham, UK and Ningbo China to the truly multi-cultural production.


A good night was had by all and many said it was a "very enjoyable performance." 


Any proceeds from the night will be gifted to the St Pauls school in Seremban.






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