Fresh is best

The Pasar Besar in Seremban is one of the towns main attractions for tourists, both Malaysian and international - and what a place it is.

It all begins very early in the morning like most markets around the world, but anytime of day is good to visit as there is always a crowd coming to buy some of the freshest produce, meat and fish that you'll likely see in one place.

Some of the food comes from as far away as Sabah and Thailand and some as close as the nearest farm or orchard in Negeri Sembilan.

It is a wet market so beware. Water is liberally sprayed on the floor so take a good pair of shoes that don't slip and also be prepared to see fish, meat and chickens killed, gutted and cut into pieces in front of you.

An added bonus is the market has an upstairs floor full of eating houses which utilise the freshness of the food on sale below. There are some stalls there that are considered to serve the best beef noodles dish in the state.

The food stalls are Hakka-influenced, in contrast to KL's Cantonese cuisine and Malacca's Nyonya style of food.

Combine that with Seremban's ultra-spicy Minang cuisine influence from Sumatra and you have a yummy combination.

You can find the market at Jalan Tuanku Munawir and it opens early and is busy all day.


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