Motor magic

Last night was a spectacle of fire, light and sound as the opening of the 2016 International Auto Salon took place at Rapid Exhibition Hall at Seremban 2.

Hundreds of people were delighted to see old classic cars in their original condition on display, some of which looked like they had never aged.

There were also newer model cars with all the lights, bells and whistles attached -think lime green interiors, pop-up TV's, wine served at mini-bars and of course the sound systems.

LOUD is the word.

Families and motor enthusiasts came to look at the possibilities owners can accomplish with some love and care.

One of the favourite cars on display that participants googled over was a VW Beetle with roof racks and trailer that was modified from another VW Beetle.

The exhibition will be open today and Sunday, check it out, you won't be disappointed.


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