Cool off in the heatwave

Malaysian's rarely comment about the heat, because in Malaysia, it is always pretty hot.

2016 has been a little bit different as warmer temperatures have combined with a drought like dryness that is dehydrating even the fittest.

But while most are wishing for the heatwave to end, there are others who are just loving it as the hot weather is perfect for drying out fish and shrimp, a staple of many Malaysians' diets.

If you are not a dried fish or shrimp manufacturer working from 4am till night, then finding a cool spot to replenish is the way to go.

Seremban has a couple of perfect places to chill out and relax, the closest being the cool flowing waters at Ulu Bendul.

Just 15 minutes from the centre of town, Ulu Bendul has the best of both worlds, a man - made swimming pool with water supplied by the river as well as natural ponds made by people blocking the flow with rocks and small boulders. The choice is yours, you can swim in the area that has water slides with deep and shallow areas or lounge in the ponds and watch butterflies float milllimetres above the stream.

The water is quite cold at first, but as you slowly relax it just chills you right out and the heatwave becomes non-existent.

There are plenty of food vendors operating near the area (Where in Malaysia is that not the case?) so food and drink are not a problem.

Another option for those wanting to cool down are the beaches at Port Dickson.

Only a thirty minute drive from town and once again there are many choices. Pantai cahaya is a great option as it too has a multitude of food offerings nearby, perfect for a sunset dinner by the sea.


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