Kool Kuala Klawang

It takes about 25 minutes to drive to the town of Kuala Klawang from Seremban and what a lovely drive it is.

The road takes you over the Titiwangsa range, a spine of forested mountains which extends its way from the tip of Malaysia near Singapore right up to Thailand.

On the way to town are plenty of things to see, including waterfalls, bushwalks, Minangkabau style homes, eco resorts, rice fields and orang Asli villages.

If you drive early in the morning a low mist will sometimes eerily cloak the mountainous valleys and road so best to be careful on the drive down the range.

Kuala Klawang is home to the customs museum, other wise known as the adat muzium, pictured above in orange in the foreground of another building displaying the Minangkabau rooftop architectural influences on this region.

Despite its mediocre appearance on the outside, the museum is home to lots of excellent exhibits explained in English and Malay, showing some of the intricacies of original peoples culture and customs including aural recordings of music and significant events.

It is open daily from 9am to 5pm except on Hari Raya holidays and the admission is free

Get there early on a Saturday morning and browse through the local markets for some traditional Malay fruits and meals or look at the topiarised and giant sculpted plants opposite in the park.

How to get there: It's pretty easy, from Seremban take Highway 86 aka Jalan Jelebu and stay on it. Look out for some of the neat Minang homes in Pantai village and just before you arrive in Klawang.They make great photographs.


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