Seremban's corn king

People In Negeri Sembilan series #1.

Malaysian born Azizi is a typical example of the many entrepreneurs who set their stalls up roadside in Negeri Sembilan, to sell their wares, anything from washing liquid, cooked food to homemade cotton pillows and rattan crafts can be found - for him it's selling corn - fresh, oh so sweet, corn.

Always happy, laughing and constantly smiling, he will choose the best ears for you and sometimes throws in an extra one or two for regular customers, who appreciate the freshness and cheaper prices.

Azizi works together with his father to eke out a living, with his dad farming the corn on a plot of land they lease near Kuala Pilah, about an hours drive away.

Azizi then makes the trip into town almost every day and sells them for about RM1.50 each (AUS $0.50c) near the busy uptown Seremban 2 area, subject to harvesting and production.

"Jagung (sweet corn) grows all-year round so I can come here most days," he says.

Many Malaysians work two jobs to make ends meet and Azizi has that in mind too as one day he hopes to start up a catering business as well.


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