Life in Seremban #1

Not everybody in Malaysia can afford a car so a motorcycle is usually the principal family transportation around town-four or even five people on a bike is quite normal to see, young kids gunning around kampungs without helmuts also.

It is one of those "stranger in a strange land" moments that as a visiting foreigner you are at first amazed by, and can't believe your eyes, so you take pictures to show the world.

I try not to be judgemental in my pictorial approach but albums from my first excursion to Asia in the1980's includes many photographs of children riding motorcycles and people hanging their washing up in odd places, on rural fences metres from the main road, or on apartment block verandahs in the centre of the city.

It is how it is I guess, but I often wonder what photographs a local from Malaysia would take if they visited the place I used to live.


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