Rural roadside treats and "supermarkets"

When you take any of the slower roads in Malaysia, the ones that don't have tolls, you get to see the more natural side of the country at a slower pace and the many rural roads around Negeri Sembilan have their own special offerings.

Expect the unexpected on the road to Seri Menanti as you may have to wait as buffalo or cows wander along the road in front of you, oblivious to your desire to be somewhere else. Relax, enjoy it, get the video out and Post it!

Stop and buy some biscuits, tapioca chips,pickled fruits or salted eggs, or perhaps some smoked duck is more to your liking, from one of the many roadside stalls throughout the district. Try something, expand your flavour library.

Petai, above, is a popular vegetable sold roadside because of its reputed power to cure just about everything, Google it, you'll see, it is quite possibly the super cure for all ailments - it is however an acquired taste.


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