Russians overcome muddy challenge

It wasn't easy but the Russian team of Roman Kulbak and Vladislav Golovkin made it look so.

It's a short climb, less than 20 metres, turn right, go down a bit, turn left then go straight 10 metres, turn right and finish. Sounds easy right?

I forgot to add the incline was almost 45 degrees, the first turn right would be hard to do without rolling over the car and the straight bit after that, well, there was 3 or 4 feet of sticky, gooey mud.

For the Russians though, no problems. Their Suzuki Jimmy made it look like they were just finding a park in the local supermarket as they raced through with consumate ease.

For others, even the challenge of the short climb and turn was too much as the weight of the car pressed against a pillar of hard ground, halting any progress as the car slid down hard onto it.

Those who made it past the turn then had to negotiate the left turn into a mud channel which was angled hard into the slope of the hill. Most had to be pulled out by winches as nature won the battle against the machine.

The action was all part of the week-long Rainforest Challenge 2015 which began at Port Dickson on Saturday and is in its second year, with prologues going on well into the night and early morning.

The 4WD's now head into the jungle for some tougher tests and the winner will be announced at the end of the week.

Check out more photographs below:


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