"Keep it clean" the message from students

The beaches of Teluk Kemang in port Dickson can get busy on the weekends, especially during school holidays and when the crowds have gone home, the reality of what is left behind is easy to see - litter.

It was with this in mind that a group of final year students from Segi College in Subang Jaya decided to try and do something about people's bad habits.

"Community service is very important and part of the curriculum for our Bachelor of Early Education," said organiser Velindran as crowds began to fill the vacant spaces on the beach.

"We decided to target raising awareness to the public of littering and why people must not leave their rubbish behind,' he said.

"Not many people are aware that we should not throw rubbish everywhere or why we should keep our environment clean, so we advertised on social media for todays beach cleanup."

The local Port Dickson council workers, who do a wonderful job of cleaning up after the visitors have left, helped out and donated a wheelbarrow, some rakes and gloves for the students and participants who rallied to the students cause.

"We chose Port Dickson cause a lot of people come here and so we hope to educate as many as we can," he said.

A quick aerobic class with some background music to stretch everyones muscles took place and then it was off to work picking up litter.

From little things big things grow and if the enthiusiasm shown here by the small bunch was anything to go by, the future of our environment in Malaysia is in good hands.


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