Polished auto display at Taman Tasik

It was a shiny clear Sunday that was perfect for viewing the multi-coloured cars and motorcycles gathered and on display at Taman Tasik, Seremban today.

Mums and dads came with their families to check out some of the flash toys and acessories that these cars showcased screaming, "look at me."

Think of a Bob Marley inspired raised side door sedan beside a Hello Kitty Myvi mixing it up in a battle of decibels from the speakers so loud you could likely hear the music in KL, and you have some idea of the car rally. Colour in the cars and the music.

It wasn't only cars getting the once over from onlookers with a great array of motorcycles from ancient pre-war bikes and Vespa's to modern classic rides restored to perfection.

Great show, can't wait for next year.


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