Taman Tasik Eco day

Some came to run, some came to walk and some came to fish, but everybody came to have some fun last Saturday at Taman Tasik, the picturesque park in the middle of Seremban.

As part of the Seremban Lake Gardens Festival in 2015 hundreds of participants descended to the popular park to take part in the Seremban Urban Trail-Eco Race, organised by the Seremban Municipal Council.

The Eco race was designed so that competitors in groups explored the area on foot for more than 6 km and complete certain learning tasks at 'checkpoints' along the way. The program hopes to encourage a healthier lifestyle and promotes pedestrian usage in the more urban areas around Seremban.

For those who desired a more leisurely pursuit, a fishing competition in the ponds at Taman Tasik was on the agenda for the anglers. Some chose to sit in the sunshine whilst most took the shady option and threw in their lines under the cover of tall trees and cooler climes.

The festival continues throughout November including an auto show and other activities. Click on the link here for more information. HERE: Lake gardens festival.

Check out more pictures below.


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