Children of God

With his wife's help Datuk Azizan Hang Tuah has built a home in Seremban for orphaned Muslim boys, all with varying degrees of disability.

Azizan kisses the cheek of Mohammed Razif who has severe cerebral palsy and needs constant care for 24 hours a day. Razif was abandoned by his parents at birth and they have never enquired about his welfare. Razif was adopted by Azizan and is the first boy taken under his care almost thirteen years ago.

He looks like any young boy on his bike playing in the street but eleven-year-old A___, (name with-held), has issues with talking and learning after witnessing his mother's murder, allegedly at the hands of his father.

A___, left, is slowly beginning to mix with his peers after the traumatising event of his mum’s death and joins in with the activities.

Mohammed Firdaush, constantly smiles and giggles whilst carrying a small toy with him wherever he goes and pretends he is fishing. He has made friends with new-comer Mohammed Rasul, right, who has mental health issues and becomes enraged easily. He growls, broods on his own and rocks himself from side to side. Rasul does not talk but will repeat single words said to him by Firdaush. “Happy?”, says Firdaush, “happy” is the reply. Azizan says he wants to know more about children with mental health problems.

Firdaush kisses Rasul’s head which is customary amongst Muslims when addressing an elder family member. Firdaush returns to his family on holidays but runs away and sleeps outside in the streets.

Some of the boys are lucky to have family members visit and support them but many are orphaned or abandoned.The boys attend a local school which has a special class for them.

They go on outings and one of the most popular is bowling day at the local Mall.

Firdaus Toh is just one of the success stories of Azizan’s home. Orphaned at a very young age he now lives independently and is undertaking studies at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur to become a religious teacher.

The work done by Azizan and his family are helped in small part by the government but they would welcome any donations which can be made by contacting them.

Tel: 606 6791 442 or HP: 019-2044 420.


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