Seremban’s best burger in Ampangan – the ABA burger

Seremban ABA burger spot
Best burgers in town is a big claim in Seremban but this burger shop has 2 generations of burger cooking and they are great.

Twenty continuous years flipping burgers in the same spot would have to indicate that you are doing something right, and ABA burgers, located near the new UTC in Ampangan, are doing just that.

Part-owner Ayie says the stall was originally started by his grandfathers, Johari and Johan, more than 20 years ago when they began selling what was called the John’s Burgers and has continued on through all those years.

Burgers getting cooked in the evening at Ampangan © Photo Nic Falconer –

Three boys, Ayie, Bancik and Aiman took over the stall in 2017, renamed it ABA burger, and haven’t looked back, with the stall steadily increasing its revenue, especially with the growing surge of customers the new UTC offers businesses in the area.

The boys are not only coping with the extra demand, they are flourishing.

Recently they installed a new covered seating area for diners to have their burger, and have immortalised themselves on the wall facing the new chair and table arrangement with local portrait artist Zorro, aka Zakir Amir, painting the boys faces over the weekend.

The stall offers the complete range range of burgers, oblongs etc and drinks and also has a drive-thru service. This can be done if you order ahead by calling the young entrepreneurs on 012 935 6247.


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