Port Dickson police investigating online loan scam involving losses of more than RM80,537 reported last month


Online scams in Port Dickson last month totalled RM80,537 according to Port Dickson district police chief Supt Aidi Sham Mohamed forcing the Commercial Crime Investigation Division to open five investigation papers.

Port Dickson district police chief Supt Aidi Sham Mohamed said all the victims had applied for the loans through advertisements on Facebook.

The victims included a young housewife who lost RM57,397, which was allegedly deposited in six different bank accounts belonging to individuals who claimed to be acting as a licensed money lenders.

Another victim lost RM11,834 over a loan application and the third person lost RM1,860, again on a personal loan.

Aidi Sham said the second case involving a 38-year-old food entrepreneur was deceived by four individuals, who claimed to be bank agents, over a loan application for RM30,000.

The third case involved a 34-year-old hotel worker, who applied for personal loan of RM10,000, but had to fork out RM1,860 for the necessary payments, he said, adding that all the victims realised that they had been cheated and lodged the police reports when they failed to get the loan money despite making the various payments.


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