Port Dickson

Pantai Saujana is one of the best beaches in Port Dickson

Port Dickson (PD) is about a 30 minute drive by car from Seremban and it is most known for its 18 kms of beaches from Tanjung Gemuk to Tanjung Tuan.

Because of this it is a very popular holiday destination for visitors from Kuala Lumpur and a hot property investment option for many Singaporeans - weekends can get very crowded.

Historically PD started out as a charcoal producer and was later developed into a port by the British. It is home to two major oil refineries and is also known as the "Army town" as many Malaysian Army camps are based there.

It is a great place to chill out for a few days with the freshest seafood on offer everywhere, from restaurants to warungs.

Accommodation ranges from the many luxurious water-front hotels to settling in to a local Homestay, the choice is yours.

The waterfront district, see map below, has a great shopping area for when it gets too hot at the beach and also a large array of  restaurants, including well-known fast food outlets like McDonalds.

From KL it is about a one hour drive by car and it is rumoured that a proposed fast rail link may be built which will make the destination even more popular.


The beaches

Beach, sand, water , trees at Cape Rachado/Tanjung Tuan

Port Dickson has some great choices for visitors who just wish to swim, play in the ocean or snorkel about.  

 If you prefer a quiet beach away from the crowds then you should try the very small private one at Cape Rachado / Tanjung Tuan.

 It does involve hiking up through a beautiful forest reserve on a sealed road to an old but still active lighthouse. On this walk you may just be lucky enough to see a family of spectacled langurs cross your path and if you go in the early morning or late afternoon when it is cooler you will definitely hear, and see, a variety of birds.

Beyond the lighthouse is the track to the beach which is a jungle style trail that has a steep descent at times. You will arrive at a small, cute and quiet cove where I've only ever seen fishermen trying their luck on the surrounding rocks.

Like all beaches in the area it is best to swim when the tide is high as the receding and low tides expose mudflats as the area contains mangroves. This beach also has some sharp rocks underwater so care needs to be taken or wear protective booties.

Pantai Teluk Kemang

If you prefer the fun and flamboyancy the oceanside can offer then Pantai Teluk Kemang and Sri Purnama are the places to be. Banana boat rides, tubes and jetskis are the order of the day here with a constant hum of engines on the busy days. Once again high tide is best. (see link below)


The area also offers shade tents, food, drinks and all matter of beach accessories from togs and towels to sunscreen and sunglasses.

Other nice beaches I have been to include Blue Lagoon, near Cape Rachado and Pantai Cahaya Negeri which has a hotel, the Bayu Beach resort, right on the foreshore.

Pantai Saujana has fine white sandy beaches as well as the jet ski and banana boat rides plus plenty of food stalls and toilet and shower facilities.

Pengkalan Kempas

Pengkalan Kempas historical complex where the worlds first lie detector is located.

The historical complex at Pengkalan Kempas is a great place for those who love history and want to see something very unique.

You will find Pengkalan Kempas just off Jalan Tanjung Laboh (#5), about 30 km's south of Port Dickson just past an old Chinese Methodist church, which is also worth visiting although every time I have been there the gate has been locked.

The historical complex is home to the tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Majnun who was allegedly killed fighting the army of the Melaka Sultan Mansor Shah at the time (1472). Majnun was a teacher of Islam who fell out with the Sultan and this is where he was reputedly buried-inscriptions on some of the stones describe the life story and some of the battles Sheikh Majnun was involved in.

The Komplex also has on show what is quite possibly the worlds oldest lie detector! Named the ‘ordeal stone’, those accused of a crime had to put their arm through the hole in the stone when answering questions. If they lied, the stone allegedly tightened like a vice. Ouch!

How to get there

War Museum



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