Olympic host hits 2,848 Covid-19 cases


TOKYO: Officials have announced that Japanese authorities have requested for hospitals to prepare more beds for patients as the Delta variant drives a hike – Tokyo has reported the highest cases since the pandemic began. 

Japan has successfully avoided the devastating outbreaks suffered by countries such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam but the fifth wave of the pandemic driven by the Delta variant is putting pressure on Tokyo’s hospitals.

The spread of this variant has caused severe cases to double.

In anticipation of this, Tokyo has already declared the fourth state of emergency this month to continue until after the Olympics. 

However, the hike in the case has threatened the support for Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga whose assessment has slid to the lowest level ever since he took over last September with the main reason being his perceived haphazard handling of the pandemic.

A survey carried out by Nikkei daily revealed that 31% has said that the Olympics should be cancelled or postponed again. 

More than half who participated in the survey believes that the steps taken by Japan at the border for incoming Olympics athletes and officials were “inappropriate”.

Although tight quarantine rules were enforced for the Games, there are to date 155 cases that involve athletes and associated persons. – CNA

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