Mama’s donuts and cafe


Seremban’s top 5 donuts is a big claim to make and the name on the sign outside may read “Mama One Stop Bakery and Cafe” but make no mistake, mum and daughter run the show here in Kampung Sentosa.

And the donuts are great.

If you like donuts, and let’s be honest who doesn’t like this Western/Malay style sweet, then this is definitely a great place to drop in and try the tremendous varieties on offer.

Mum, Amnah Saat, began the cafe back in 2006 after years of working in the landscape industry and her green thumb touch is everywhere, with verdant lush ferns and plants surrounding the tables in the open areas of the cafe-it is beautiful and relaxing.

Water fountains and stone walls convince you that you have walked into a rainforest, but without the mosquito’s and humidity, it really feels ten degrees cooler the moment you enter the cafe.

Two years later Amnah’s daughter Intan Shafinaz officially joined mums food and beverage venture after graduating from UITM with a Diploma in Accounting and with the subsequent introduction of the donut bakery, things have never been better.

“We just wanted to create something lasting,” said Amnah.

“Our customers are very loyal and regular, coming for both breakfast and lunch sometimes,” laughs Intan, “and many of them take a box of donuts home with them.”

The most popular dish in the upstairs cafe above the bakery is the mee kari, or curry noodles, but there are many more Malay dishes to choose from, including nasi lemak, fried rices and others, plus the Western style fish and chips, hamburgers and meatballs on offer.

Eating there feels like you are having home-cooked family food served on your patio at your home as the cafe literally fronts the family home, adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

“We have families come for meals and we have students come for refreshments, shakes or coffee too, it changes, “ says Intan who also adds that bookings can be made for the large air-conditioned spaces for functions and events.

“We are open at 8.30am for breakfast and lunch and close at 7.30pm and have Sunday off,” she said.

Don’t forget to grab a pack of donuts on the way out, which is easy to do and hard to pass-by as the stairway from the cafe leads you right past the sweet smelling bakery.

Thank you Mama and daughter!


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