Malaysian Rugby team gets renamed as Hibiscus.

Pic by Nic Falconer, Serembanonline

KUALA LUMPUR: At a recent executive World Rugby council meeting Malaysian Rugby (MR) rebranded the Malaysian rugby national team as “Bunga Raya” (Hibiscus).

Most International rugby teams are better known by their brand name, like NZ is recognised world wide as the Allblacks, South Africa the Springboks, Argentina the Pumas and Japan are known as the Brave Blossoms.

MR secretary-general Amrul Hazarin Hamidon, said the rebranding was necessary to standardise the use of all the World Rugby teams’ names and as sponsors prefer umbrella brand names it is also a smart financial decision as teams become easier to promote.

There are three rugby teams representing Malaysia at present and the rebranding will see all three teams now known by the name “Bunga Raya”.

Pic by Nic Falconer, Serembanonline

Before the rebranding the national 15s team was the only one known as “Bunga Raya”, as the men’s 7s team was called Rimau Sevens and the women’s 7s team was known as Panthera Ladies.

“We want to standardise with the rebranding done by World Rugby. No more using women or men, so we want to be known by only one name.
“When we standardise all the teams’ names with one name, then the rebranding would be fixed. This is our strategy in facilitating the search for funds to sponsor our upcoming matches,” he said today.

After the Aidilfitri celebrations Amrul said that MR would produce their own corporate identity whereby the use of the MR logo will be used in accordance to the standard set.

Pic by Nic Falconer, Serembanonline

Currently the Bunga Raya 7s team are currently undergoing training in preparation for the Asia Rugby Sevens Series to be held in Incheon, South Korea in August.

*selection of pics that you can use from tournaments in Seremban with captions relating to story like, young people desiring to represent Hibiscus have a goal through Seven’s, Ten’s and 15’s tournaments to be recognised as capable of representing their country.
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