Kuala Pilah attractions to increase

Kuala Pilah attractions
Tongkong temple near Kuala Pilah

The Negeri Sembilan State government committed to funding some new tourism initiatives recently to upgrade activities around the Kuala Pilah area to make the area more attractive to tourists.

The district is already well known amongst trekkers and hikers with abundant forests, mountain trails, underground tunnels and waterfalls on offer for the outdoor tourists.

Last year the State govt was forced to cancel the Ngoca festival, a fishing activity in paddy fields, due to the global pandemic at the time.

Fishing paddies, fields for football and folk games will be constructed at a cultural centre in Terachi. © Photo by Nic Falconer – serembanonline.com

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun said that work was underway to upgrade the cultural village which includes paddy and football fields which would become the first area in Malaysia dedicated to both football and folk games for tourists to participate in.

The MB’s hope is to promote the Terachi Cultural Village to an international stage level, adding to the myriad activities and attractions along the road to Kuala Pilah from Seremban, which of course will help employ locals.

Seri Menanti is home to the palace built many years ago, a structure which has no steel nails, all constructed manually with wood.. © Photo by Nic Falconer – serembanonline.com

Terachi is nearby the Sultans incredible wooden palace in Seri Menanti, built without nails, and has an enormous amount of megaliths (living stones) in its district so there are plans to display these in a tourist friendly manner without disrespecting cultural sensitivities.

The road to Kuala Pilah from Seremban is full of surprises.

Just south of Kuala Pilah is another major tourist draw, the beautiful Chinese temple Tokong Si Thian Kong, described by some visitors as one of the most beautiful temples in Malaysia.

Tokong Si Thian Kong is just south of Kuala Pilah and is a magnificent Bhuddist temple.
©Photo by Nic Falconer – serembanonline.com


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