Effluents released to drains causes fish deaths in Sungai Penchala


SHAH ALAM: An immediate investigation was carried out by the authorities including Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS), the state Department of Environment, the Department of Fisheries, National Water Services Commission, as well as Indah Water Konsortium following public complaints regarding a large number of dead fish in Sungai Penchala, Section 14, Petaling Jaya on Aug 12. 

The company alleged to have released the toxic waste into the river is a factory located 165 metres from Sungai Pencil. They are suspected of releasing effluents into drains and polluting the river after pH tests were carried out on the water from the drain which recorded a pH reading of 10. The effluent sampling was implemented on-site for further analysis. 

A large number of dead fish were found floating near the Tun Abdul Aziz Mosque and several other locations. The murky water which flows into Sungai Penchala recorded a pH value of 12 which exceeds the optimum pH level of river water which is around 7.4. Further investigation revealed that the effluent discharge found in the drain near the factory recorded a pH value of 10. 

Actions will be taken under Section 79 (1) (a) of the LUAS (Amendment) Enactment 2020 for polluting water resources and those convicted for the offence can be imprisoned not more than three years and fined between RM200,000 to RM1 million,“ it said. — BERNAMA

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