COVID 19: Sydney’s lockdown extended as Delta cluster grows

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Sydney, July 7: Sydney’s ‘stay at home’ order, will be extended for another week after detection of another 27 new cases.

Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) leader announced that the decision to extend the stay at home order was made as authorities try to curb an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant. 

“This Delta strain is a game-changer, it’s extremely transmissible,” said NSW premier Gladys Berjiklian.

“We don’t want to be in a position where we are constantly having to move between lockdown, no lockdown, lock down, no lockdown.”

Berejklian also warned Sydney residents that she expects cases to rise in the next 24 hours after the emergence of the 27 new locally acquired cases, reported on Wednesday in NSW, up from 18 a day earlier. 

According to reports, of the new cases, 20 were either in isolation during the entire or part of the infection period, and 7 cases spent the infection period in the community.

Meanwhile, as lockdown extension includes school closures, schools in Sydney will switch to remote learning from next week after their southern hemisphere winter break that ends on Friday, in order to eliminate the congestion when parents drop and pick up their children.

Berejiklian believes that school closure during this lockdown extension was the “best chance of making sure this is only lockdown we have until the vast majority of our citizens are vaccinated”.


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