Café in New South Wales caused controversy by putting up a face mask policy.

covid19 mask wearing

A trendy café – Nectar Juice House at Cabarita Beach on the New South Wales North Coast – has won over legions of fans for their controversial face mask policy after putting up a picture outlining “No mask, We don’t ask” when it comes to face covering. 

The café said they will never question when a customer shows up in their café without mandatory covering, even though NSW and Australian govt policy makes it mandatory to wear face masks indoors, as the state racked up 767 infections in less than a month. 

“The NSW government has mandated mask use indoors but please be aware, if you’re not wearing one we will assume you’re exempt, no questions asked. We don’t do judgements, shaming or discrimination here, so please know you will be warmly welcomed and respected however you show up.” The sign reads. 

Nectar Juice House said in their latest Instagram post, “Whilst we are taking the current Covid situation very seriously and our staff are wearing masks for yours and our safety – we do not know your situation. If you choose not to wear one, that is your prerogative. Everyone is welcome in our café.” 

Most netizens appreciated their non-intrusive stance, pointing out there are many legitimate reasons not to wear a mask despite the pandemic such as sensory discomfort and medically exempt.

“This is THE best! Thank you for being amazing & allowing freedom.” One person commented.

Another said “Nice to see a business that gets it! I’ve seen some pretty disgusting reactions from business owners throughout this period. I will not support a business that feels they have the right to harass or bully their customers.”

However, some called the controversial move “unsafe and stupid” as they could get fined up to $5,000 for breaching the order. 

“This is the same sh** that got us into the mess to start with. If people had to listen to the health advice from the start we wouldn’t even have this virus but peoples “rights” were more important and people couldn’t stay home. Stuck with us for good now. 90 year olds can wear a mask and be fine. What medical condition prevents you from wearing a mask?”


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