Negeri Sembilan - a state of adventure

Negeri Sembilan is fast becoming known as one of the best adventure states to visit in peninsular Malaysia with a variety of attractions and options available.

If you feel like climbing a mountain this weekend - then Negeri Sembilan has a peak for you. Experienced climbers will be just as satisfied as the novice beginner with adventure companies offering options to both the fit and experienced, and the not-so-fit!

There are approximately 103 peaks in N9, ranging from the small 152 metre high Mt Bertam near Kuala Pilah to the highest in the state, Mt Hantu at 1,205 metres just outside of Seremban. 

One of the most popular middle of the range climbs is Mt Angsi, also near Seremban and at 825 metes is a good place to start to see how you fare before taking on others.

If mountains aren't for you then perhaps you like to explore underneath them: Interested?

Then Negeri Sembilan has a cave for you.

From exploring Malaysia's newly discovered southern-most limestone cave system, Pelangi Cave, which recently uncovered tools used by humans more than 14,000 years ago, to clambering through underground rivers like Batu Maloi, once again Negeri Sembilan has the variety.

Combine your cave trip with adventure games like archery, tree climbing and plant spotting or abseiling and you will experience the perfect weekend getaway in Negeri Sembilan, the adventure state!

Check out some of the providers of these activities below and let us know how it went. will add more activities and companies as we find them and test what is on offer for you.


ATOA Adventures

ATOA adventures is a small caving, adventure and Team Building company run by Norazlini binti  Mohd Ali and is based in Felda Pasoh 4, just north of Simpang Pertang in Negeri Sembilan.


It takes about 1-1/2 hours to drive there from Kuala Lumpur. 

The main attraction ATOA offers is exploring the many caves in the region which are considered to be the furtherest south limestone caves that were of course the prime habitat for early humans. Some of the caves currently being archaeologically examined nearby have revealed14,000 year old tools and bones, mostly found in Pelangi Cave, making it one of the oldest finds in Peninsular Malaysia. 

The base for her operations is at Pelangi Cave. Some semi-permanent facilities have being built, including toilets, eating area, prayer house with resting tents provided also.

Norazlini offers many other options for customers who come to view Pelangi and the other caves, including archery, bushwalking, flying foxes, visiting orang asli villages, birdwatching, abseiling, river swimming, sunset watching and nightwalks.

There are a variety of animals and birds both large and small in the area for those who like nature and recently FRIM captured a picture of a rarely seen Black Panther.

There are many different packages available for overnight stays for small or large groups with catering, which includes a yummy BBQ'd roast lamb dinner if needed.

Call the ATOA Marketing team: Azlini 01118845936,  Killa 01110704480, Norjie 0195588422 or Elin 0136801613


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