7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Les Cayes – Haitians look for survivors


PORT-AU-PRINCE: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the Caribbean country on Saturday had killed 304 people and injuring 1,800 people. Haitians laboured overnight to pick through shattered buildings in search of friends and relatives trapped in the rubble as a result of the earthquake. 

The devastating earthquake has flattened hundreds of homes in the poverty-stricken country, which is still recovering from an earthquake 11 years ago as well as dealing with the assassination of its president last month which left the state without a leader. 

The traumatised Haitians have said that they would spend Saturday night sleeping in the open due to the memories of the magnitude 7 quake in 2010 which struck far closer to the sprawling capital, Port-au-Prince, and killed tens of thousands of people.

The aftermath of the earthquake posted on social media showed residents reaching into narrow openings in piles of fallen masonry to rescue shocked and distraught people from the debris of walls and roofs that had fallen around them. – REUTERS

*Photo for illustration purposes only.


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