97 Years Old Guinness World Record Holder From Ukraine Is Still In The Game


KHARKIV : Leonid Stanislavskyi, a Ukrainian who has been playing amateur tennis for over a half-century finds it impossible to meet a worthy challenger in his age group.

This however has not stopped him from participating in the world and European championships for seniors and outplaying younger opponents despite the fact that he is not moving around the court as fast as he used to. 

Stanislavskyi was 30 years old when he was introduced to tennis by his colleague who was the Soviet champion in gymnastics at that point in time.

He has been training three times a week in his hometown ever since and told Reuters that tennis is an elegant type of sport, a good physical exercise and a beautiful game that can be played no matter what age group you are in.

He has been training super hard upfront as for the first time the International Tennis Federation has introduced a 90-and-over category in the 2021 Super-Seniors World Championship, which will be held this upcoming October in Mallorca, Spain.

This was made possible after the Guinness World Record holder had sent in a written request to the federation asking for the new category to be added. 

Stanislavskyi’s secret to longevity was a combination of good genes and regular sport. Every morning he will start his day with gymnastics and a series of push-ups and pull-ups. He is also passionate about swimming and skiing. His ultimate goal is to live to 100 years old and take on Roger Federer. – REUTERS


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